I kept the form page very simple and basic but in style with the rest of the website,
i just had the fields Name, Email, Subject and message. i also tried to put a attachment box in there but i had several problems with actual getting that up and running.

I also left my email and telephone details if the client felt more comfortable using them instead of the form page.

i also decided to do a about me page to let the client know a little bit about me to get them to feel more comfortable with me as a potential service provider.

For the gallery part of the website i chose to split my work into three fields commerical, projects and personal to help the user found the type of work he/ she is looking for. I decided to have two black and white images with a colour picture in the middle because it give a better compostion than any other mixture of images.

From a visitor's point of view, a good web site is one that...

* usable
* ...has something he/she wants
* ...doesn't waste his/her time and
* ...isn't irritating.

that's what I kept in mind when developing this website, i wanted to keep it simple and clean but easy to navigate so the user would not get frustrated and move away from the site.
In the end went for a basis logo on white background to mirror the dark picture on the side of it, i also deiced to go for the red style navigation buttons which discovered worked best through my research and development.


html website design

.This was a web page i was quite pleased about but not happy enought to have it as my final design, the basic elements of my final shell of a websit are their but it needs some fine tuning.



For our websites we have to a have a dedicated page for the sole purpose of clients contacting or enquiring directly to the photographer without the hassle of copy and pasting email addresses, This is a called a form page or a contact page, I decide to use dreamweaver to create mine, First of all every box has to be within a form tag (red outlined box).
The first tag put down is a name text box so the client can be easily found, the second is a email address (or a telephone number which ever the client prefers) so you can respond to the client, then most websites have a query box so the client can ask the photographer questions but there are a number of optional fields which i have put in mine like signing up to the newsletter and submitting an attachment. Then at the end of the form you put the submit and reset buttons (if required). After this you enter the suitable html code to send the form to right emails and bring up a thank you page.


hyperlink icons

Here are the hyperlink icons I intend to use for footer of my website, I used the website Phil suggested, This will help potential clients keep track of my continuing work and to optimise the web traffic between my different online contacts. This will in turn increase the confidence of the potential clients have in me and my work.

navigation bar

here is one of the navigation bars
i might use, as mentioned before in another blog i like the idea
of simple text on a red backdrop, it still needs fine tuning and I would like to improve the design a bit more before putting it on my final website design.


web gallery

this basic start of my bridge web gallery
i hope to change the styling and maybe switch programs to get more
control over the design ideas
but this simple design does appeal to me and would suit the feel of my website


contact sheets for I carry your heart with mine

here are the preview contact sheets and design ideas for the project to create a set of images to a piece of text
i focused quite a bit on the flowers because i felt they embodied both the ideas of love and nature, the most difficult line to base images around was the "here is the deepest secret nobody knows " I ended up choosing a phone and a unopened letter to suggest secretiveness, i also photographed a locked door to try and be suggestive about whats going on behind it.
Overall i am pleased with the images i produced i think they mix a number of suggestive and concrete ideas in image form which follow the underlining imagery in the text(poem).